For the last month or so, we have been reading “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller and have been following StoryBrand – a company that focuses on helping clients market their brand through simple and clear messaging. If you are not familiar with them, we highly recommend checking out the book to learn more (link at the end).

One of the things we are passionate about in our video production work is to help our clients “Be Heard and Get Noticed” – and learning about the StoryBrand framework for clarifying messages has been valuable to us because it helps us to be more effective in telling your stories through video.

One of the most valuable insights that we have gained from the StoryBrand framework has been the importance of positioning yourself (the brand) as the guide who helps your client, the hero.

What this means is that when you (as the brand) tell your story and purpose, it is critical for you to be clear about how YOU help your clients/customers solve the problem they have so they can be the hero in their own story.

Every customer will have an internal and external problem that needs solving – which is why they are looking to you as a possible solution to their problem.  How will YOU – the guide in their story – help them to solve their problem and rise above it to be the hero in their story?

This is a critical distinction from being your customer’s “hero” – and can help to clarify your messaging as a brand as to how you serve your clients’ needs. It also establishes that your customers are the center of your work – a message that every customer needs to know and feel when they work with you.

As you consider your next video production needs – consider the StoryBrand framework as a means to create your scripts and messaging – it can make all the difference in how your message is received and understood.

And as your video production partner, we will continue to help frame and guide your story to ensure your clients understand your message and brand.

Just in case you are interested in the book, here is a link! Purchase StoryBrand from Amazon

Have an extraordinary day!

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