I collaborated on countless projects with Jay acting as the videographer, editor and co-producer. If you have seen his resume or watched his reel, then you already know that he is very talented behind the camera, in the editing bay, and as a story teller in general. Let me assure you he is equally as professional. He’s one of the most polite people you will meet and excellent around clients. He is a true collaborator open to any and all ideas, but talented enough to do things on his own if need be. On “Playing Through”, a 30-minute reality competition show centered around the game of golf, he served as my DP, main editor and producer. He put in some very long days with limited resources and was never anything but a delight to be around. He also has the ability to work fast under tight deadlines without any loss in quality of his work. To sum up, Jay is very talented at what he does, one of the easiest people in the business to work with, great with clients and crew, very professional and incredibly reliable. If you are lucky enough to work with Jay you will not be disappointed! Needless to say, Jay comes highly recommended from me.

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