JayBird Media LLC is a full-service, Arizona-based video production company dedicated to producing exceptional marketing content and visual storytelling while building strong, lasting partnerships with our clients.

Story is how we understand the world

Through professional video and storytelling, we support the people who are working to make a difference in the world - the entrepreneurs, the visionaries, the heroes, the changemakers, the doers, the designers, the builders - the people who are working against the status quo to create stronger, healthier communities for us all. Together as partners, we tell your stories, champion your cause, and advocate for your success. Most importantly, we partner with you to capture and share your stories with your community, one video at a time.

Business Operations

Gina Conner

  • Responsible for: Strategy, Marketing, Finance, & Project Management
  • Core Values: Family, Faith, Wellness, Integrity, & Innovation
  • Experience: Education, Leadership, Coaching, Business
  • Lives in Phoenix, AZ; Loves reading, traveling, and a good adventure
Emmy Award Winner

Emmy Award

Executive Producer

Jay Conner

Responsible for: Video Production,
Post-Production, Creative

  • Core Values: Family, Teamwork,
    Transparency, & Quality Work
  • Experience: Television Broadcast,
    Corporate Marketing, Sports
  • Lives in Phoenix, AZ; Nickname “Jaybird”;
    4x Emmy Award Winner