Recently I asked Jay why he wanted to go into video production and he shared this beautiful story with me. Some parts of the story were already familiar to me, and some of it was new and made my heart swell with pride and admiration for his work ethic and dedication to his craft. I hope you enjoy his story as much as I do.

Why I do what I do

When I was a kid, I remember my grandfather could make anything out of wood. I was always in awe of his artistry and talent. He’d asked me, “Jay, what would you like for me to make you?” I replied, “How about a sword and a shield?”

I remember he smiled at me and said, “Sure thing!”

A few weeks passed and sure enough, my grandfather came over to my house and handed me a beautiful, freshly painted sword and shield that made me look like a knight. I was so impressed and thought the whole process was so magical.

Ever since then, I always loved the idea of building and creating.

As I grew older, I surrounded myself with friends who wanted to build houses and work on cars, but for some reason I could never develop that desire and talent.

I felt lost in a way, and it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I finally found my path.

I took a job at a local television station working for the local newscasts. I was a teleprompter and studio camera operator and then worked hard to later become a photojournalist. I was working with news reporters and creating video stories everyday.

I wasn’t building houses or cars, I was building video stories. After a few years of that, I was creating television commercials and public service announcements and I loved every minute of it.

My tools weren’t hammers or wrenches, but cameras, lights, microphones, a video editing system, and a creative mind to fuel it all.

Over the years, I have sharpened my video production skills, upgraded my tools, and kept my creative vision fresh and vibrant.

I am living what I was meant to do and I am so proud to continue it through Jaybird Media.

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