“Story is how we understand the world.” – Jay Conner

No matter the enterprise, life is all about marketing and branding your best product whether that product is your business, your cause, your charity or simply yourself. Jay Conner’s passion is to communicate your passion and personalized message to your target audience. Whatever your video marketing needs are, Jaybird Media will deliver your best story.

The visionaries, the heroes, the doers, the designers and the builders—for all you creators out there who are working to make a difference on this planet, Jaybird Media is your voice to the world.

As your videographer, Jay will help you capture, shape and tell your story. Through his professional video marketing and storytelling process, he’ll champion your cause and advocate for your success.

Executive Producer

Jay Conner

  • Responsible for: Video Production, Post-Production, Creative
  • Core Values: Family, Teamwork, Transparency, & Quality Work
  • Experience: Television Broadcast, Corporate Marketing, Sports
  • Lives in Phoenix, AZ; Nickname “Jaybird”; 4x Emmy Award Winner
Business Operations

Gina Conner

  • Responsible for: Strategy, Marketing,
    Finance, & Project Management
  • Core Values: Family, Faith, Wellness,
    Integrity, & Innovation
  • Experience: Education, Leadership,
    Coaching, Business
  • Lives in Phoenix, AZ; Loves reading,
    traveling, and a good adventure
Video Producer

Jaden Osborne

I am a video producer who graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television, and a minor in Psychology. I received an excellence in producing award from the Hanson Film Institute for successfully producing a practical effects short film featuring a genetically modified bird-dinosaur.

One of my top ambitions is developing my own seminar brand to help people set big goals, and create a clear strategy of how to achieve them. I seek out entrepreneurial opportunities often and highly enjoy collaboration with others.

With a passion for music – I am a singer, songwriter and guitarist that loves performing live. I enjoy recording and producing original songs as well as music videos.

About Jay:

Jay is the owner of and Executive Producer at Jaybird Media LLC, and video storytelling is what he does best.

With 20 plus years of video production credits to his name, this talented Phoenix videographer said goodbye to the corporate broadcast market in 2017 and launched his own creative firm Jaybird Media.

As one of the Valley’s top videographers, Jay has earned and won four Emmy Awards for his extraordinary videography work.

His many years of solid professional experience have netted him a broad base of expertise in many fields and niche markets.

To view Jay’s extensive portfolio, check out “Our Work” page. He would love to help you tell your story.